AGM Information 2017

BUH&AC’s 2017 Annual General Meeting is to start at 6.30pm on Tuesday 5th December 2017 in the Indoor Track at Leverhulme Park.

ALL eligible members are asked attend the AGM as your input is needed to make decisions that will affect the club over the next 12 months and beyond, and to agree who should be on your Committee.


The “Constitution & Club Rules” document is here:
BUH&AC Constitution & Club Rules v8


It is the General Committee’s recommendation that the new Constitution is adopted and that nominations for the positions on the General Committee are taken with the anticipated new structure/titles in mind. These are:

1) Chairperson
2) General Secretary
3) Treasurer
4) Trustees’ Representative
5) Head of Coaching
6) Welfare Officer
7) Membership Officer
8) Committee Secretary
9) Resource Secretary
10) Facilities Officer
11) Communications & Publicity Officer
12) Digital Media Officer
13) Senior Track & Field Team Representative
14) Junior Track & Field Team Representative
15) Endurance Team Representative
16) Development & Projects Officer
17) Events & Social Officer
18) Committee Member

If you are willing and able to volunteer to help with managing your club, please feel free to speak to a member of the current Committee about the roles before completing a nomination form. Forms can be picked up and handed in to a member of the Front Desk Team or downloaded here:

BUH&AC AGM Committee Nomination Forms

ALL nominees must be proposed and seconded by fellow club members, with the form in the hand of the General Secretary one week before the AGM. Please note, given the absence of a General Secretary (as is the current situation), the nomination forms must be directed to the Chairperson (Scott Whittle).



If you have a specific question or topic to discuss at the AGM, these MUST be indicated to the General Committee ahead of the meeting. If you have any other queries/comments regarding the proposals for the Constitution or nominations for Committee positions, please use also the email address below:

Please note that all communiqué regarding the AGM using the above email will go to the Chairperson (Scott Whittle) given the absence of a General Secretary.