Annual BUH&AC Awards 2017

Friday, 24th March 2016

Tom Lancashire, the Blue Vest Olympian, was guest of honour at the BUH&AC Awards at Dobbies this evening.

Free photos of the event are courtesy of Julie Lomax Photography (click HERE).

Awaiting report.

Congratulations to all the winners listed below:

Age Groups
Male U7 Athlete –
Female U7 Athlete –
Male U9 Athlete –
Female U9 Athlete –
Male U11 Athlete –
Female U11 Athlete –
Male U13 Athlete –
Female U13 Athlete –
Male U15 Athlete –
Female U15 Athlete –
Male U17 Athlete –
Female U17 Athlete –
Male Veteran Athlete –
Female Veteran Athlete –

Male Cross Country Athlete –
Female Cross Country Athlete –
Male Road Runner –
Female Road Runner –
Male Jumper/Vaulter/Hurdler –
Female Jumper/Vaulter/Hurdler –
Female Hurdler –
Male Thrower –
Female Thrower –
Male Distance Track Athlete –
Female Distance Track Athlete –
Male Sprinter –
Female Sprinter –
Endurance Challenge –

Club Wide
Male Most Improved U17 Athlete –
Female Most Improved U17 Athlete –
Male Most Improved Athlete –
Female Most Improved Athlete –
Male Senior Athlete –
Female Senior Athlete –