2020 Latest News Race Reports

Firefighters duathlon

The EPIC Fire Fighters ‘2UP’ Duathlon is a unique event which takes place in March in conjunction with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue. It’s known locally as the ‘start of season social race’ but there’s nothing particularly ‘social’ about the course! The format is simple, you choose a friend or race partner and stick together throughout the run / bike / run. On the bike you are allowed to work as a pair, by ‘drafting’ each other, but not with other teams. The 4 miles trail run is a tough start and end to the race, with a hilly 25 mile in between, to make sure you finish with a grimace on your face. It’s a fantastic event, an awesome atmosphere, lots of team rivalries and smiles all round.

Bolton Harriers representatives were our fell running rascals Lee Petch and Andy Gallagher. This time doffing a cycle helmet each along with the trusty trail trainers. As a team they finished 176th out of 212 with a time of 3hrs 10 mins.