Fixtures Track & Field

The 2017 Track & Field fixtures and competitions for BUH&AC as a team have been confirmed.

This is a summary of all events. The principle targets are the NoE and YDL team comps – please look carefully for age-group relevance.

More information can be found at the relevant websites via the links:

NoE/Northerns = North of England / Northern Athletics
          Note: BUH&AC u17/u20/Seniors compete in Division 2WC
YDL = Youth Development League (Upper and Lower)
           Notes: The Upper age-groups (u17/u20) compete in the West 1 Division
           Notes: The Lower age-groups (u13/u15) compete in the West 2 Division
AAA  = Amateur Athletic Association
BAL = British Athletics League
GM Sch = English Schools’ Athletic Association (Greater Manchester Schools)
Trafford MM/GP = Trafford Medal Meeting / Trafford Grand Prix
Mid Lancs = Mid Lancs League


Sat Apr 22 YDL Lower NW2 Match 1 U13/U15 Bury BL9 9FX Market Street
Sat May 20 YDL Lower NW2 Match 2 U13/U15 Blackburn BB2 2TP Witton Park
Sun Jun 18 YDL Lower NW2 Match 3 U13/U15 Bury BL9 9FX Market Street
Sat Jul 15 YDL Lower NW2 Match 4 U13/U15 Ashton-under-Lyne OL7 9HG Richmond Park
Sun Apr 30 YDL Upper NW1 Match 1 U17/U20 Wigan WN5 0UH Robin Park
Sun May 28 YDL Upper NW1 Match 2 U17/U20 Crewe CW1 2BD Cumberland Arena
Sun Jun 25 YDL Upper NW1 Match 3 U17/U20 Bolton BL2 6EX Leverhulme Park
Sun Jul 23 YDL Upper NW1 Match 4 U17/U20 Whitehaven CA28 8SD Copeland Stadium
Sat May 6 NoE League 2WC Match 1 SEN Blackpool FY3 9HQ Stanley Park
Sun Jun 4 NoE League 2WC Match 2 SEN Bury BL9 9FX Market Street
Sun Jul 9 NoE League 2WC Match 3 SEN Wakefield ? ?
Sat Aug 5 NoE League 2WC Match 4 SEN Bolton BL2 6EX Leverhulme Park