Last Drop Loop Entrants


Please read through the information below to get to the current received and processed list of Entrants.

By entering the fell race, you (the runner) acknowledge that you have read, accepted and complied with the Conditions as published on the official entry form and LDL webpage.

The changes to the Fell Race Association (FRA) terms and policies were prompted by the 2013 inquest into Brian Bellfield (report available via the link). Ultimately…
…“When things go tragically wrong at a fell race, the race organiser may be in difficulty, but the runner will be dead.”
In light of the above statement, BUH&AC Race Organisers would like to reiterate a number of points for the general safety and well-being of all concerned:

– are primarily responsible for your own safety on the fells.
– MUST comply with the requirements of the race organiser.
– MUST read the ‘disclaimer’ on the entry form (and web entry portal, if applicable) before you sign/enter. It matters.

– The Standard Equipment is obligatory at every Long A, Medium A and now Long B races. No exceptions – even if the sun is cracking the flags!
– The full kit must be carried at every race however short and gentle, UNLESS the Race Organiser relaxes some of the requirements.
– Runners should take the full kit to every race and not try to guess what the race organiser will decide to relax on the day.
– The kit decision at LDL will be publicised at registration and NOT before.
– Kit is carried to combat the weather when running, but more importantly, it’s for when you stop, tired, lost, maybe injured; and your body starts cooling on the way to hypothermia… and death.
– “Waterproof” means sold as waterproof with taped seams. Good kit saves lives.

– Must be seen (even if wearing a jacket) by marshals, landowner and anyone else.
– Must be worn on the chest.
– Must not be cut down.

– You are responsible for HELPING the Organiser and marshals, especially when it comes to counting the runners.
– You must not register (i.e. pick up your race number), decide not to run and go home without telling the Organiser.
– You must not go through the finish funnel twice (or not at all).
– You must go back directly to the finish to report to the Organiser if you drop out the race.

– Litter – Please don’t drop anything!
– Camaraderie – It’s only a fell race! If you see someone in distress, then please stop and help.

– Please do what the Race Organiser asks. It is his/her race. He/she is ALWAYS right and “Sorry, I didn’t know…” will not be excused anymore.


The current five-day weather forecast from the Met Office is available via the link. It can be magnified to a more detailed 24-hourly forecast as the Race Day approaches (click on the actual day tab). Please note that weather conditions are NOT guaranteed by this forecast. Furthermore, conditions can vary between the relatively low altitude of the starting point and out on the exposed, higher parts of the course (especially wind-chill).



Correct (last updated) as of:

10am on Saturday, 18th November 2016

LDL Bib123sm

Entered? Find out your running number (BIB) below.

All the entries currently received and processed for the 2016 Last Drop Loop Fell Race are listed below. Most importantly, you can find out your RACE NUMBER or ‘BIB‘ which you will need to pick up at Registration.

Information is currently ordered alphabetically by SURNAME. If you have a common surname, please take care when noting your race number (e.g. perhaps check the AGE) to avoid your assigned number being given to the wrong competitor. Previous BUH&AC races have seen three runners with the same forename and surname!

Please also double-check that your details are correct, especially your displayed age (and gender!) – Date-of-Birth input errors can occur! It is important because these small details may affect the result in a particular race category. If you are entering as part of the NMAC Champiships, “YES” should appear under the relevant column for you. If you do notice an error in your assigned age, gender, name spelling or UKA affiliated club (or that of a teammate), please notify us asap.

The entrant list below can be ordered by clicking on a column heading (once for ascending, twice for descending) to change from its current SURNAME e.g. to CLUB or CATEGORY. Alternatively, perform a specific search query using the filter box below for parts of the name, club or race category (seniors require an asterisk to be used i.e. enter MS* or FS*) or gender (use M* or F*). Please note that standard veteran categories are indicated by CAT, though the pBAND indicates the groupings for each prize ‘category’.


1 A B M 40 BUH&AC 0 M40 M40-M49