Leverhulme Park Track

Dear all, it is with deep regret and extreme disappointment that the club feels the need to confirm/reiterate that until further notice, NO ATHLETE OR COACH is allowed to use the track @ Leverhulme Park. This is a council facility and we have no right or allowance to use the facility at this time.

We have first hand accounts and proof that certain athletes and coaches have been using the facility whilst it has been expressly closed during these unprecedented, difficult and potentially dangerous times that we are currently in. THIS IS QUITE CLEARLY UNFAIR & SELFISH BY THOSE INVOLVED.

Anyone using the track currently is trespassing and it therefore reflects very badly on the club and hinders club/council relations considerably. There are protocols to follow and until such time as we have authority, no one should be using the facility.

Whilst we all might crave and wish to get back to normal and have access, anyone doing so is trespassing and could be prosecuted for doing so.

From a club perspective it is unethical for some, and not all members being able to use the facility and there will be zero tolerance in this regard. Anyone found to be using the facility until it is allowed and confirmed as such by the Club/Committee, will have their membership cancelled with immediate effect. This includes COACHES.

As a club, We’ve already been in contact with the council and put forward risk assessments and proposals to reopen the facility for use by the club, which is being considered, but hasn’t been approved currently, and unauthorised use of the track potentially jeopardises and delays the use of the facility for all users.

Please be assured that this warning will be enforced by the club with zero tolerance as already mentioned.

BUH & AC Committee.