London Marathon Places 2018



UPDATE (09/01/18): The lucky recipient is:
1 Gary Jones

Please now contact Tina Holt, who will arrange your entry. The draw was made with only one person applying.

The Club has secured a number of places for members to participate in the London Marathon 2018. Closing date for these places is TBC 7th December. After this date the places will be allocated.

Members are now invited to apply for one of those places. Please contact Lesley Harwood, Tina Holt or Dean Johnson, via email or at the track, indicating which criteria you meet.

The full policy can be found here, though a summary is below. Initially, the allocation of places will only be to members who fulfil all of the following criteria:
1. They have been a member of the Club for a minimum of 12 months;
2. They have received a rejection slip from their personal application for a place in the forthcoming London Marathon;
3. They were not allocated a club place in the previous THREE London Marathons.
In the absence of point 3 being fulfilled…
4. …read as above but for the previous TWO London Marathons, then the previous ONE London Marathon.

If more members who meet the above eligibility criteria apply than there are places available, then a countback will take place on criteria; a ballot will be undertaken by Dean/Lesley if there are still more members than available places at a particular level for allocation. If, however, there are more allocated places available than there are members who fulfil the above eligibility criteria, then each member who meets the above eligibility criteria will be allocated a place and any remaining places will be allocated to members on the following basis:
Those who fulfil criteria 1 & 2 above; then.
Those who fulfil criteria 1 above.
If, at any stage of this process, there are more applicants than there are places, then a ballot will be undertaken.