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Martin has the right chemistry

In Martin Reid’s working life PB is a scientific symbol. It had a whole new meaning this weekend at the Podium 5K in Barrowford for the Science Teacher from Harper Green School. In a hotly contested Grade A race, attracting runners the length and breadth of the British Isles, this talented runner scorched in with a personal best time of 15 mins 34 secs and 27th place.

He has been running for Bolton since the age of 10 and mainly middle distance on the track. After being out of action due to injury a few years ago he decided to step up and focus on longer distances on the road. He trains 6 days a week, often on his own. He is coached by John Wood at the City of Sheffield Athletics Club (Martin went to university in Sheffield) and more recently Dave Shaw. He has really enjoyed joining Dave’s group and the motivation and competition everyone provides for each other. His time is an improvement on the 15.46 that he set 4 years ago on the same course. He has a few more races lined up over the next few weeks before the track season, and his aim is to then complete his 1st marathon in Frankfurt in October.