If you are interested in joining BUH&AC, please feel free to come down to the track at Leverhulme to speak to the Membership Team.

Alternatively, email the Membership Secretary at ******Please note the new email address. If you emailed the previous address from 1st September 23 please resend your email to the new address ****to the BUH&AC Membership Team on . Please note that this is only available on Club nights (Tuesdays and Thursdays) between approximately 6.00pm and 7.45pm.

mem renewal


Membership renewal applies to anyone who is a BUH&AC member on 31st March, or anyone joining for a full year (e.g. after a Trial Membership during March) for the first time (i.e. pro-rata 12 months).

The online membership renewal function is currently suspended and subject to review. A new paper membership form must be used if any of your details have changed since you completed one on joining or renewal last year. If they haven’t changed, simply affirm your details on the form held by the club.

Please complete both sides of the membership form. They can be collected from the BUH&AC Front Desk Team at Leverhulme Park or downloaded for home printing (please print double sided i.e. use one sheet of paper)


The form should be returned to the Membership Team on a club night with the appropriate fee.

1 – ALL members, including Life Members, coaches and CDVs, must complete a membership form to ensure the club has your up-to-date contact details.
2 – Members must affirm their details on the same form in subsequent years.
3 – A new form MUST be used if any member’s details change within the annual term, or if their Membership category changes on renewal.
4 – Family applications MUST complete a separate form for each person.
5 – A ‘late fee’ of an additional £10 will be applied to members that represent the club but have not renewed their membership. A grace period of three months for renewals will operate for 2024 i.e. by 1st July.


‘Try Before You Buy’ – £5.00 Valid for 30 days from your first session.

BUH&AC operates a ‘try before you buy’ scheme called, surprisingly enough, Trial Membership. The athlete pays a £5 fee for a 30 day trial period before deciding whether to commit to joining the club as a full member. If the athlete upgrades to full membership at the end of the 30 day trial, the subscriptions due are calculated pro rata of the annual fee. You can only obtain temporary membership by speaking to the Front Desk Team on Tuesday/Thursday nights. Please note a waiting list is in operation for many junior age-groups.

mem reg&renew


A paper Membership Application Form MUST be completed and handed to the Membership Team at Leverhulme Park. See above on how to get a form.

If you are joining us as a new SENIOR member for the first time after your Trial Membership and/or the club year has already started, you qualify to pay pro rata of the annual fee. Explanation on this is in the sections below. If you are joining at any time during April please this is effectively 12 months pro rata. Due to demand for junior membership places, a waiting list is in operation; hence we cannot accept any new JUNIOR membership applications by post.

If you are unsure and need assistance, please contact the Membership Team as above via email or telephone, or see them at the track on a club night.


Subscriptions are paid annually (due on the 1st April each year). Membership cost is based upon the age of the athlete. New members pay only on a pro-rata basis from the month they join in the first year (though EARF is not pro-rata). Categories are:

Seniors – £60.00 per annum (pa) Includes anyone aged 18 years old (yo) and over, with the exception of those in full-time education. Includes EARF.

Juniors (10-17)- £50.00 pa Includes anyone aged 10yo–17yo inclusive (i.e. schooling Year 6 to Year 13). Includes EARF.

Juniors (7-9) – £35.00 pa Includes those aged 7yo inclusive (i.e. schooling Year 2 to Year 5, but must be a minimum of 7yo). For members of BUH&AC’s Hawk scheme.

Students – £50.00 pa Includes all those in full-time education 18+. Includes EARF.

Family – £140.00 pa Includes up to two adults (aged 18yo and over) and any number of their children up to the age of 17 or in full-time education living at the same address. Includes EARF.

Second Claim – £43.00 pa Includes all those living within a 15 miles radius of BL2 6EX (i.e. Leverhulme Park) who are members of another UKA-affiliated club, and is applicable to those ‘just wanting to train’ with BUH&AC.

Associate – £22.00 pa Includes all those living permanently outside a 15 miles radius of BL2 6EX (i.e. Leverhulme Park) that are not students; first or second claim. Includes those overseas or in the Armed Services, and includes EARF if first claim. This is at the discretion of the Membership Secretary and not available via online renewals. All petitions to join BUH&AC as an Associate must be made by contacting the Membership Secretary by email/phone.

Life Members – £0.00 pa Includes all who gain senior National caps whilst running registered first claim for BUH&AC, those who have given 25 years service to the Club, or those elected by the Committee in line with the Constitution..

Club Volunteers – £0.00 pa Includes all qualified Coaches, Committee Members and ‘Committee-Designated Volunteers’ (CDVs).

Single Session – £2.00 pa for non-trialists from outside the ‘HQ-distance’ of 15 miles radius of BL2 6EX (Leverhulme Park) e.g. visiting athletes.

1) EARF = England Athletics registration fee, payable for any athlete aged 10+yo. The 2021 EARF is anticipated to be £17.00 per member plus £2 NoE fee
2) Racing Wheelchair users – as per Senior/Junior distinction. Includes EARF (or registration to appropriate governing body).
3) If the above fees are challenging due to personal circumstances (e.g. unemployment), please contact the Membership Secretary who will consider each case on merit.


The Club registers all eligible members with the governing body so that they become “affiliated” to England Athletics (“EA”, itself is affiliated to British/UK Athletics). This requires a Registration Fee to be paid to EA (hence “EARF”). It is a flat rate fee that is never calculated pro-rata. The 2024 fee is £17.00, plus an additional £2 for Northern Athletics affiliation no matter your age. This allows an athlete to compete at events held under UKA rules (e.g. all Track & Field competitions), provides insurance for training and permits discounted entry to all UKA licensed road/trail races (usually £2 off). There are other benefits too (click here).

The headline BUH&AC subscription rates are for annual memberships and is applicable to ALL club members renewing, whenever they get round to doing it!! It includes this EARF.

For NEW members joining the Club, your subscription fee is calculated by subtracting the EARF from the headline rate and pro-rata-ing the remaining annual fee according to the number of months remaining in the membership year. For example, if you are aged 18+ (i.e. a Senior) and join in mid-October, there are five full months remaining in the subscription year.


In addition to the Club’s annual subscription, if you train on the athletics track at Leverhulme Park, you will require a Track Pass. It permits you to use the track, both on training nights and at any other time that the track is not booked for matches. The payment goes to the Local Authority via Serco, not BUH&AC.

Passes can only be bought from the Centre’s Reception and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Newcomers to BUH&AC can get their first couple of sessions free – come to the Front Desk Team for advice on the night. Otherwise, current prices are listed here. As of August 2021, they are:

Junior (annual) – £29.40*

Adult (annual) – £46.75*

Junior (single session) – £2.20

Adult (single session) – £4.20

*There may be discounts available for Bolton’s Leisure One card holders, particularly for annual passes (please speak to staff at reception for more details).