Life Members

Individuals that have been a full member of Bolton United Harriers & Athletic Club for 25 years, or gained a senior international vest whilst competing in Bolton colours, are automatically entitled to ‘Life Member’ status.

Unfortunately, due to the loss of some Club documents in the early 2000s, this list may not be definitive, though it was reviewed in March 2013. Should anyone have a claim to Life Membership which meets the above criteria, please get in touch with a member of the Committee who will happily consider the petition.

BUH&AC is proud to honour the following individuals:

Forename Surname Gender
Alan Fielding M
Alan Morgan M
Allen Parkinson M
Brian Court M
Christine Parker F
Christopher Nash M
David Cartridge M
David Shaw M
Dennis Kearns M
Douglas Cornwell M
Eric Ranicar M
Frank Valentine M
Hazel Hall F
Herman Eccles M
Ilse Hemming F
Jack Bell M
Jack Caldwell M
Jack Iddon M
James McNulty M
Jeff Eastham M
Ken Fowler M
Kenneth Mayor M
Kenneth Cottam M
Malcolm Pittock M
Mike Freary M
Nick Howarth M
Paul Standring M
Paul Turner M
Paul Freary M
Peter Barker M
Philip Reid M
Robert Hodgkiss M
Robert Lynch M
Ron Hill M
Scott Whittle M
Shaun O’Donnell M
Simon Nathan M
Stephen Entwistle M
Steve Kenyon M
Thomas Lancashire M
Tommy Parr M
Tony Farran M
Vince Regan M


For a downloadable copy of this list, Click HERE for the BUH&AC Life Members (in xls format).