RRXC Bolton

Saturday, 12th November 2016

dsc_0278asmdsc_0250asmPre-dawn monsoon weather for Bolton’s race setup crew gave way to warm autumnal conditions by the time athletes began to arrive at Leverhulme Park for the third round fixture Red Rose XC series today.

As racing got underway, the most promising results for the Blue Vests emerged from Race 6. New recruit Laura Lombard had a quite brilliant turn for the senior women – collecting bronze of the 118 field on debut!

dsc_0259asmdsc_0306asmJust behind in seventh was newly-crowned CLGP Female Champion Nicky Cartridge, whilst Maya Erzan-Essien was second U17 and Katie Oakley third U20. All led their respective teams to silver.

dsc_0323asmdsc_0318asmFor the men, Karl Darcy was consistent again as third of the 233 runners to make it a three-way shootout to the title at Rossendale in three weeks’ time. John Knowles was magnificent in eleventh as second counter, confirming his victory in the M45 series after three successive wins, though he also faces a shootout with Blackburn’s M40 Chris Davies for the overall Vets’ title. Matt Walker eclipsed fellow U20 Declan Toomey, with Frazer Jardine making a cautious return from injury. M50 Mark Wolstencroft debuted finely in the discipline before Club Chairperson Scott Whittle, more at home hurdling barriers on the track than muddy hills and water crossings, edged in front of Lee Petch to bookend the 17-strong squad after Jonny Kay pulled up injured.

dsc_0167asmdsc_0156asmFor the juniors, the U11 boys turned out in force again (fifteen!) with Sam Hazelwood as fifth counter improving strongly from the last outing.

Hannah Swales and Lawrence Britton did well as second counters in their respective age-groups whilst Emily Petch and Molly Philbin were superb as sole representatives in theirs – the only disappointing aspect was that they didn’t have support for a team ranking at the home fixture.

dsc_0151asmOrganiser Dean Johnson thanked all helpers and marshals, adding that he will hold a special ‘drowned rat impression’ competition next time!

BUH&AC runners’ times:
U11 Boys – 5 Team 42 pts
Jack Kingdon 7:16; Harvey Kenny 7:24; Oisin Behan 7:38; Harry Aldred 7:41; Sam Hazelwood 7:50; Herbie Kay 7:56; Oliver McNulty 8:01; Vincent Worcester 8:17; Charlie Parker 8:37; Henry Worcester 8:38; Sam Philbin 8:43; Josh Bentley-Hughes 8:54; Marcus Valentine 8:55; Matthew Wilkinson 9:05; Alexander Stokes 10:08
dsc_0182asmdsc_0188asmU11 Girls – 4 Team 45 pts
Lily Philbin 7:45; Hannah Swales 8:20; Poppy Dunne 8:37; Idowu Taiwo 9:16
U13 Boys – 6 Team 56 pts
Ben Pickford 12:46; Laurence Britton 13:21; Sam Aldred 14:05; Luke Greenhalgh 17:15; Ben Dewhurst 17:21
U13 Girls
Emily Petch 16:54
U15 Boys
Lewis Aldred 15:11; Adam Akik 16:00
dsc_0213asmdsc_0197asmU15 Girls
Molly Philbin 19:08
U17 Girls – 2 Team 23 pts
Maya Erzan-Essien 23:36; Rachel Bailey 24:47; Leah Rushworth 30:35; Ellie Forrest 32:58
Senior Women – 2 Team 24 pts
Laura Lombard 22:22; Nicola Cartridge 23:02; Katie Oakley 23:57; Olivia Kearney 25:27; Mercedes Mercer 26:04; Krystina Dewhurst 37:17
Senior Men – 2 Team 129 pts
Karl Darcy 36:31; John Knowles 38:09; Matthew Walker 38:23; Declan Toomey 40:09; Frazer Jardine 41:26; dsc_0267asmdsc_0199asmDominic Gavin 42:01; Chris Povey 42:46; Rhys Francis 43:34; Chris Pickford 44:04; Mark Wolstencroft 44:24; Paul Trainor 46:17; Stephen Bonney 46:22; Ken Fowler 49:16; Paul Philbin 51:00; Ato Erzan-Essien 51:57; Scott Whittle 54:53; Lee Petch 55:19


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