RRXC Chorley

Saturday, 11th November 2017

A 49-strong squad represented BUH&AC across the age-groups today in proper cross country conditions – muddy underfoot!

Karl Darcy, Jonny Kay and Chorley’s Luke Betts set off at a fast pace to completely string the 250 field out immediately. Kay then took it on going into the second large lap and was able to extend his lead further on the final lap, coming in 30 seconds clear of Salford’s Chris Livesey. Darcy, held off Betts’ challenge for third over the 9.9km, but was second in the standings due to Salford’s non-counter status. Blackburn pipped BUH&AC to the team prize by 31 points despite strong runs from counters Tommy Harrison (11), John Knowles (14), Simon Dally (44) and Dom Gavin (47).

Katie Oakley built upon her last XC outing to rise to the podium, with Leigh duo Laura Riches and U20 rival Olivia Stones claiming the top two spots. Fellow U20 Rachel Bailey also improved her relative position, coming 31st of the 151 field.

For the juniors, Laurence Britton was the top-placed Blue Vest with his seventh in the U13 Boy’s race, whilst Scarlett Thompson’s 18th led the U11 Girls. Steady progress was clear from the times of both U17 Girls – Molly Philbin and Francesca Fordham, and the number of U11 Boys – 11, impressed team manager Dean Johnson, who himself enjoyed the conditions so much he decided to bathe in them!

U11 Boys Team 5th – 51 pts
Harvey Kenny 6:36; Sam Hazelwood 6:41; Connor Gettinby 6:59; Samuel Liptrott 7:07; Sam Philbin 7:28; Alfie Dodds 7:52; Marcus Valentine 8:05; Charlie Aldred 8:14; Joseph Rossington 8:42; Zackariyya Aftab 9:14

U11 Girls Team 9th – 78 pts
Scarlett Thompson 8:36; Mia Makin 8:44; Isobel Hall 8:48; Cloe Bentley-Hughes 9:10; Poppy Dunne 9:30

U13 Boys Team 8th – 83 pts
Laurence Britton 10:52; Oisin Behan 12:13; Joshua Bentley-Hughes 13:10; Matthew Wilkinson 13:35

U13 Girls Team 10th – 153 pts
Lily Philbin 12:31; Millie Bracey 13:22; Hannah Swales 13:40; Sofia Aftab 14:19

U15 Boys
Ben Pickford 17:25; Ruairi Behan 20:01

U15 Girls
Roisin Riley 22:55

U17 Boys
Lewis Aldred 18:10; Chris Peacock 20:58

U17 Girls
Molly Philbin 22:28; Francesca Fordham 23:56

Women’s Team 14th – 172 pts
Katie Oakley 19:31; Rachel Bailey 22:24; Jane Lim 34:42

Men’s Team 2nd – 105 pts
Jonathon Kay 35:59; Karl Darcy 36:38; Tommy Harrison 38:40; John Knowles 39:56; Simon Dally 42:48; Dominic Gavin 43:06; Paul Mills 43:55; Jack Heggie 45:44; Ste Bonney 46:40; Dean Johnson 48:09; Craig Kenny 49:03; Nicholas Howarth 49:39; Andrew Doyle 50:03; Scott Bracey 56:09; Derek Smith 58:25