Gwylim Jones

Gwylim started running in his mid teens. He brought his own son to Bolton Harriers in 1993. He began to help out the coach at the time and has been here ever since. He is a qualified coach and has the Children in Athletics qualification. His group is the first port of call for youngsters after leaving Hawks. He coaches boys and girls aged 8-11. He loves to watch his former charges progress and rise up the age groups at the club. Gwylim takes great pride in the club and the facilities we have access to, including the indoor track which he likes to make great use of during the winter and bad weather.

Coaching Achievements

The Harriers boys and girls Under 11s won their indoor leagues in 2019.

Summer Eden has now moved up in age groups but made enormous improvement with Gwylim’s coaching to a point of going under 11 seconds in 75 metres. She is another rising star at Bolton Harriers along with present group members Alycia May and Benjamin Davies who Gwylim has high hopes of.

What The Athletes Parents Say

My daughter has been with Gwylim for 18 months. I don’t think I would be alone in saying Gwylim’s dedication is second to none. He gets to know every single child inside out, he knows all their strengths and weaknesses. He knows when to push them and when to ease off. He is unbiased and friendly with all children and parents alike. His level of commitment is unparalleled in my opinion.

He teaches them technique but gives them a great deal of encouragement which as a parent is lovely to see. My daughter has the confidence now to push herself a lot more and I put that down to Gwylim’s ability to put her at ease but also to increase belief in herself. He does discipline them when needed but somehow manages to do it and keep things in check with a sense of humour. The kids respect him and think a lot of him.

How Gwylim Describes His Role As Coach

My aim is to create the initial building blocks of athletics. I work on foundation skills and support my enthusiastic youngsters to achieve their personal goals regardless of their abilities. I want to train them to be the best they can and hopefully they then feel comfortable for the step up to Dave Flitcroft’s Endurance Group or Les Hall’s sprinters depending on their best distances.