Hannah Kelly Q & A

How long have you been a member of BUH and why did you join our club ?

I have been a member of the club since 2011. I joined BUH because I wanted to specialise in sprinting.

Why did you take athletics up ?

I competed for my primary school in the local school’s competition and won my events. I was then asked to join my local club and have been training and competing ever since.

Who inspired you as a junior ?

Jessica Ennis inspired me. It was inspirational to see a British woman succeeding globally.

Favourite training session ?

As a 200m runner my favourite training sessions are probably fast 150m’s or 200m’s. I enjoy fast runs but not over too short of a distance like 60m.

Most challenging training session ?

Sessions with lots of longer runs over 300m.

Most important piece of kit ?

My spikes.

Any superstitions ?

I don’t really have any major superstitions. I just have my warm up routine that I follow and set my blocks up in a certain way each time, not out of superstition just habit really. My dad used to have a few superstitions before I ran such as a lucky top he would wear at races.

Pre and post race nutrition advice ?

Pre-race have a good breakfast to fuel up through the competition. Try not to change this much from what is normal as you don’t want to upset you stomach. Have a smaller snack closer to the race to provide a quick energy release.

Post-race get in some protein to help repair muscles and carbs to refuel. Also it is important to rehydrate.

Any advice in preparing for a race ?

Try to get in lots of sleep and rest the week of the race to preserve energy and eat well to fuel yourself. Stick to what you are used to as this is not the time for change. Before a big competition my training will taper to help me peak for the race.

Greatest achievement ?

Competing for Great Britain in the 200m at the European Championships in Sweden in July 2020.

Favourite inspirational quote and by whom ?

“She believed she could , so she did” by R S Grey. It’s so simple but reminds me that I have the opportunity and chance to succeed. All I need to do is believe in myself.

Favourite food and drink ?

Fruit and chocolate but I obviously limit the chocolate. Favourite drink is water or smoothies.

If you wasn’t an athlete what sport would you have taken up ?

I would have played netball. I was in the team at High School and was a goal shooter/attack.