Jonny Kay Q&A

How long have you been a member and why did you join Bolton Harriers?

Around 13 years. I joined because my father had ran for BUH and my sister and cousin were members. I knew it was a good club.

Why did you take athletics up?

My sister Rebecca had entered an open meeting at Wigan and my dad suggested I enter the 600m also. I came second and had caught the running bug!

Who inspired you as a junior?

Cristiano Ronaldo has been my biggest inspiration. I think he has been the most dedicated sportsman in my lifetime.

Favourite training session?

Anything high quality on the track 600m hard 100 m walk 100m sprint x 2.

Most challenging training session?

Track session 10 x 400m off 60 secs.

Most important piece of kit?

Garmin 620 watch.

Any superstitions?

I don’t have any superstitions and consider that as overthinking.

Pre and post race nutrition advice?

Beetroot juice and a banana before a race and ensure well hydrated. Post race a protein shake and another banana.

Any advice in preparing for a race?

Do not change anything. Do not experiment with your diet. Do all your experimenting during training by all means but not leading up to a race. Try and get a good nights sleep on the eve of the the race but also get some hours in the bank for a few nights before just in case the race is playing on your mind the night before.

Greatest achievement?

British Championship Bronze Medal in the 1500m 2020.

Favourite inspirational quote and by whom?

“No man is a failure who has friends” by Clarence writing at the end of the book ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.

Favourite Food and Drink?

Seafood Paella and Fanta Orange when on holiday.

If you weren’t an athlete what sport would you have taken up?

Football. Always ran and played football at school but had to make a choice at 18 and chose running as that was my stronger sport.