2021 Race Reports

Young Harriers Take To Track and Field

Congratulations to the Harriers youngsters who made the journey to Warrington Open  Track and Field meeting On Saturday 25th September.

In the Under 9 girls Aime Brogan was 3rd in the 75m and 2nd in the 600m. She followed this up with a  Standing Long Jump of 1 m 41cm to take 2nd spot.

Jasmine Greenhalgh also ran in the 75m and 600m and then threw the Soft Javelin 3m 36cm.

Charlotte Davies was 6th in the 75m.

In the  Under 11 girls Zia Isherwood ran in the 75m in 12.4s and was  6th in the600m.

As for the Under 13 girls Cerys Jones ran the  100m in 20.7s and was 6th in the 800m. She then followed up with a  Javelin throw of 5m 67 cm.

In the  Under 11 boys Joshua Grundy ran a fine race to win the  75m in 11.6s and was runner up in the 600m.

Benjamin Davies was 5th in the 75m. He then took a  Standing Long Jump into 1st place with a leap of 1m 91cm.